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CD7 DFL-Endorsed Candidates

This year we have plenty of DFL-endorsed candidates to get excited about all throughout CD7. Below are the candidates running this year. Click their names to be directed to the candidate’s Facebook pages, where you can stay up to date on events, donate, and support our candidates:

U.S. Congress – Representative Collin Peterson

U.S. Senate – Senator Tina Smith

SD1 MN Senate:  Reed Perkins

1A MN House – Connie Lindstrom

1B MN House – Cynthia Ansbacher

SD2 MN Senate:  Alan Roy

2A MN House – Jeremiah Liend

2B MN House – David Suby

SD4 MN Senate:  Senator Kent Eken

4A MN House – Heather Keeler

4B MN House – Rep. Paul Marquart

SD5 MN Senate – Rita Albrect

5B MN House – Rep. John Persell

SD8 MN Senate:  Michelle Anderson

8A MN House – Brittney Johnson

8B MN House – Carol Wenner

SD9 MN Senate:  A. J. Peters

9A MN House – Alex Hering

9B MN House – Laura Wright

SD12 MN Senate:  Jill Abahsain

12A MN House – Murray Smart

12B MN House – Ben Schirmers

16A MN House – Doria Drost

16B MN House – Marinda “Mindy” Kimmel

SD17 MN Senate:  Fernando Alverado

17A MN House – Ben Dolan

17B MN House – Logan Kortgard

SD18 MN Senate:  Chad Tschimperle

18B MN House – Heather Bakke

SD22 MN Senate:  Shawna Marshall  

22A MN House – Chris Baumberger

22B MN House – Lynn Herrick